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Popped out for a drink and a bite to eat with my lovely friend Pauline last night, well I say popped out, what was meant to be a bite to eat and few drinks turned into a bit of a sesh!! We met a 6pm, and didn't go home until 11pm, Oops!

The town centre is a bout a mile or so from my house so I had to consider sensible footwear for the walk, even though a mile isn't much, there's no way I could do that in heels!

So I popped on my trusty leggings and knee high boot combo, with a dress I've had for years. It's another prime example of sizing madness. This is a size 14 (baa ha ha, I haven't been a size 14 since I was 12 years old!) from the G21 range at Asda, but because of the swing style (I made it into a bubble hem a few years later) you can totally get away with it!
I love the art deco style collar and the metallics tones. It was bitterly cold last night so I stuck my trusty denim jacket on and then my proper coat on top!!!

Oh and a quick footnote, thought it only fair to add a drunken pic....

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  1. Wow, foxy lady, this is a gorgeous outfit on you! xx

  2. Pauline - @mrsspacer22 January 2012 at 15:02

    You did indeed look lovely last night. :)

    1. Why thank you! As did you!!!

  3. Swit swoo! I love the detail on the neck, not something I'd ever have considered for myself until I saw it here!

  4. Seriously pretty. Love this look on you!

  5. Love this dress, pretty neckline detail!


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