Five Take: Primary Colours


Five take time, I'll be completely honest. I found this one difficult. I have a lot of red in my wardrobe, but struggled finding any blue or yellow. I have lots of mustard but not any true yellow. so I went for a red stripy jumper I've had for about 4 years and teamed it with a blue cord skirt. I had been shopping that day, and found it in a charity (thrift) shop. I don't know if this is a national thing but our local Cancer Research shop has lots of brand new items donated to them from Tesco, I presume end of line, sale stock, so it appears the supermarket giant does have a heart (well that may be stretching it a tad.....) But rather money went to charity then them, so I picked it up for the reasonable price of £3.20!

Once I'd got the skirt on it turns out it was way too big, I think it may require some altering, but for now I popped a belt on with it, my amazing new Marks and Spencer tights (Blogged here) and leopard print brogues.

It's not my finest hour and even Mr BeBe admitted it really wasn't my best ensemble, but that's the point of Five Take, it can be challenging and it will show our strengths and weaknesses and identify what suits us and what doesn't. This week just wasn't my week!

The best tights in the world, ever.....FACT

Somebody wanted to get in on the action!!!!

Why not head on over to the other ladies to see if they pulled it off better than me! (it's not hard!)

and I think Claire is taking a break this week

Do you have a predominant colour pallet in your wardrobe? How would you have coped with a primary colours challenge?

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  1. wow, they are the best tights ever!!

  2. I know right?!! I love them immensely!!

  3. I love the stripes on you and the tights are fab :) My little girl always wants to be the pics too, but she was asleep when I took my fivetake ones (evil plan!).

  4. Sleep? what's that? She has her nights sleep 7pm-6am but thats it, very rarely takes a nap, she is crazy!!! LOL xx

  5. I love the top tucked into the skirt- and the red is really vibrant!
    I think I wear too much pink and too much black- must branch out....

    1. Ahh thanks, I've just checked out your blog, I'm in major love, can't wait to have a good read of it and see future posts!!! xxxx


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