Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Wishlist

In part, a bit of virtual shopping for me, in part a gentle nudge to my other half, just a small selection of some pretties I wouldn't be disappointed to see under my tree!!!

1. Cath Kidston - British Birds Day Bag - £48.00
2. Paperchase - Babushka Umbrella - £10.00
3. Benefit - High Beam - £18.50
4. Vivien of Holloway - Sarong Plain Dress - £99.00
5. Simply Be - 40's Floral Print Tea Dress - £45.00
6. Miss L Fire - Tiger Lily Shoe - £124.99
7. Rockalily - Rockette Red Lipstick - £14.00

Oh a girl can dream.............

Monday, 28 November 2011

Flower power & pleats

Say that when you're drunk!! Just a quick one today, been hoarding this dress in my wardrobe since summer, wasn't quite sure how to wear it, I think I've cracked it. I teamed it with a basic long sleeve jersey top, black leggings. I accessorised with a black obi belt, black knee high boots and silver bird pendant.

I felt really confident in this outfit, I also popped my trusty denim jacket on when I headed out to post my latest round of eBay parcels!!

Dress - Florence + Fred @ Tesco
Jersey Top - Love label @ Very
Leggings - TU @ Sainsbury's
Obi Belt - George @ Asda
Knee High Boots - eBay
Necklace - Asda (I think? V old!!)

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Busy doing something....

It's all a bit manic here at Chez BeBe, Mr BeBe is busy doing some commission work, along with working on his own comic (as well as his "day" job), and I've got a big event coming up this weekend for Miss Poppy's Tea Party, providing the tea party area for The Vintage Fair.

Working from home is amazing but I do tend find myself sat in my pajamas, but if I'm mega busy I like to feel a bit more put together, I don't know, but in some way it makes me feel more efficient!! Ultimately though, I have to be comfy.

No make-up scari-ness!!
Jeggings (Very) £18.00
Peter pan collar tunic (Love Label @ Very) about 2 years old
Shoes (Tesco - here in black) £14.00

I try whenever possible not to wear make-up when I'm in the house, but its easier said than done, I'm always panicked someone will know on the door and see me bare faced, but I've been using the blog to help me with this idiotic fear!! (See Here) 

Bare face, brave face!!

Work at home bling in the specs and hair!!
Accompanied by essential coke zero (not sponsored lol)
And if the worse comes to the worse, I can always hide behind my laptop!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Very warm affair........

Brrr, its turning a tad chilly no? So to that end I've started building up the knitwear collection again. I found this little beauty amongst the interwebby pages of my fave catalogue Very, in their So Fabulous! range.

Ha Ha Awkward!!

Reefer Cardigan £32.00 (So Fabulous @ Very)
Leggings £6.00 (George @ Asda)
Boots £26.99 (eBay)

People, lets take a minute to talk about the boots....they might not be the finest leather, in fact they're not even the finest plastic, but they are relatively aesthetically pleasing and the they fit my gargantuan calf of 19 inches. So lets here it for the boooooots!!!

For all you pervs who have searched "fat chick in knee high boots" this ones for you!!!

Back to the star of this piece, the cardigan, I love the double breasted front and the contrast between the knit on the main body of the cardi and the double breasted part. I ordered a size 22, I think its pretty much true to size and the knit itself is soft and not itchy.

The only negative for me is the belt that came with it looks a little plasticy and cheap, so from now on I'll probably team it with a belt of my own, but overall I love the look and feel of the cardigan and its lightweight enough so you don't get too hot, but can layer underneath if needs be.

Close up of the offending belt!!

Gratuitous head shot

Monday, 21 November 2011

Fly away birdy......

I'm a big fan of the bird print, I have several pieces and inspired by A Monkey Fatshionista I decided to give my most favourite bird print piece an outing.

I own several blouses, I love how they look, but I have a terrible habit of buying them, and never wearing them because I always feel terribly over dressed in them, I struggle to make them feel "casual", so this is my attempt at just that, I'm calling it "casual blouse chic" (oh dear lord, get a grip!!).

Me looking slightly demonic!!

The blouse is from Dorothy Perkins (last year), the skinny jeans are Jeffery & Paula for Simply Be, it looks as though they are not doing jeans this season, but you can find very similar from Simply Be here and the boots are La Redoute although mine are over a year old, they have them again this year, I love them so comfortable, I have them in black too.

Better view of blouse
I don't know about you but I find winter frustrating because I have an outfit all planned out, then I have to cover it with a coat!! With this particular outfit I decided on a coat with 3/4 length sleeves so you could still see the blouse, I teamed it with a coral scarf for warmth and it picks out the coral in the blouse nicely too.

Wrapped up and ready to roll!

These boots were made for walking
 How do you like to wrap up for the colder months, is it all about warmth or does style come into it?

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly....

So; in the interests of fair blogging I thought I would do an outfit post where I feel quite frankly, I looked like a dogs dinner.

The other evening we went for Sushi with friends (the good) so, so good, very tasty! We like to get dressed up when ever possible so I donned my new dress from Monsoon (via eBay), I'd been lusting after it for a while, it was brand new with tags and looked great in the picture. I should have been weary when it arrived, tried it on and the belt it came with was too small. Don't you just love it when you buy a plus size item and they put a straight size belt on it. (FFS!!!) it's one of my biggest fashion pet hates, Dorothy Perkins have been guilt of this in the past too (Grrr)

I digress, I decided that once I'd stuck on a belt that fitted, some heels and slapped on my make up it would look chic and sexy, oh wow I couldn't have been more wrong!!!

Dress, Monsoon, Shoes, amazing.
Now this is the only picture I managed to raise a smile on, the rest I look completely miserable on (The Bad), I find clothing really does effect my mood, if I'm not comfortable or happy with my look I feel terrible (yes I have panic attacks when stood at my wardrobe).

The only good thing about my outfit was my amazing shoes I picked up from a boutique, I love them, I cannot walk in them, but I love them...

So for the ugly? I guess one of my miserable pictures (I said it was in the interests of fairness, so here goes...)

Grumpy, Grumpy Mrs BeBe
So there you go, needless to say this item will be making its way onto eBay very soon. Its a wonderful quality dress and in theory, I like the style, but on me, it just looks awful. You win some, you lose some!!!

P.S. Please excuse my messy house, we moved in 3 weeks ago and I'm yet to find a good photo spot!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Boredom, skint-ness, hair dye and the results

There's nothing I like more than spending a few hours in the salon, having my head massaged, reading trashy magazines and drinking tea. But unfortunately the purse strings at Casa de BeBe are well and truly tightened at present, so luxuries such as above mentioned hair styling are well and truly out of the question.

The problem though, is that, in my infinite wisdom, I decided way back in April it would be a lovely idea to have some highlights in for the summer, what I didn't take into consideration is that I wouldn't be able to afford the up-keep!

So here I am 7 months down the line with hideous roots, having only had 1 haircut in that time too, attempting to do a bit of a mini homemade makeover........crazy! Some might say, but stay tuned, I don't think it's that bad actually!!!

All you will need is £2.99, a comb, scissors, hairdryer etc and about an hour.

The hair dye I used was Savers own brand - Derma V10, No 5.3, Golden Chestnut, at an incredibly reasonable £2.99!!!!!

I've never used a 10 minute permanent dye before. Overall I was very impressed, for starters it had the proper rubber gloves in, not those awful big plastics ones stuck to the instructions!! The instructions themselves were easy to follow and the smell was no more overpowering than the more expensive brands. My only complaint would be that once mixed, the solution was very runny, so take extra care for spillages etc. I particularly like the built-in comb applicator, again, something I'd never used before.

10 minutes later, I popped in the shower, washed it off with ease and applied the conditioner leaving it for 3 minutes or so whilst I did my other ablutions.

If you're brave enough (or let's face it, stupid enough) you might want to have a little trim too. I've always been quite comfortable with scissors so I decided to cut my fringe back in, and I'm quite pleased with the results. What do you think?

P.S. I'm still using blogger for iPhone, and whilst it's quick and easy in one sense, the composition leaves a lot to be desired, so apologies!!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Pretty things and Hairy Growlers....

Every so often, but not as often as I'd like, I take the time to open my jewellery box and peruse it's shiny, pretty contents.

Now I've read that back to myself I realise those of you who's mind are firmly in the gutter keeping mine company might have thought that sounds as dirty as I did, but tough titties, I like it, it's staying.

Anyway onto what I actually wanted to write about; Hairy Growlers (stop it!!), or should I say, The Hairy Growler.

About 3, maybe 4 years ago on the way back from a trip to London, my boyfriend and I stopped at Cambridge, where there happened to be a lovely little craft market. There on the craft market was a pleasant little chap, peddling his wares. Now I'd seen jewellery made from old cutlery, coins etc in the past, but this was something else altogether, something really special, dare I say, enchanting? (oh look I just did, get over it)

Being little old skint me, all I could afford to purchase at the time was a ring, a mighty fine, very pretty ring I might add!

Whilst purchasing said ring, I fell in love with a beautiful bracelet, a winged, hearted, starry bracelet, but alas I could not afford, so off we trotted back to smelly old Grimsby, without my pretty bracelet.

But....clever, clever old boyfriend had snaffled a business card unbeknown to me and only went and purchased me the pretty, wingy, hearty, starry bracelet for Christmas that year!!!

The clever boyfriend, went on to be my clever husband, and me, husband and bracelet lived happily ever after.....

(I really did not intend this post to end up sounding like a shit fairytale, but, go with it, I have very little in life, humour me.!)

So there you go, I thought I would share. It seems that chap who had a little market stall, now has a very big and beautiful website, where you can see said bracelet along with a whole host of beautiful "upcycled" (as the kids are saying nowadays) jewellery.