Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dare to bare?

Inspired by my friend Susie who posted the following passage on Facebook, I ask; do you dare to bare?

The status was.... "We will all have lines and wrinkles. We will all have those extra pounds we want to lose and the blemishes that time will only add to. Post this status with a picture of you with no make up on if you are proud of who you are and who you will be. Faults and all. They're what make people love you"

Now before I "dare to bare" I'd just like to explain, I am one of those wretched women who NEVER leave the house without make-up, I even gave birth in a light smattering of foundation, and had it not been for the fact I had conjunctivitis at the time, I would have done it in full mascara too! But I've decided I need to get over this and grow a pair. So here goes......

Friday, 16 September 2011

New Season Wish List

As we bid farewell to what was (unsurprisingly) another terrible British summer, I thought I'd do a bit of a wish list, and that's just what it will stay, as mentioned in previous blog, I'm skint, but I will try and adapt my wardrobe and maybe add in a few key pieces....

I think I'm leaning towards the heritage feel, but my wardrobe is always a bit eclectic (or schizophrenic is another way of putting it) so I may deviate from this at times.

I love this cardigan, there is one almost identical in H&M but not in plus size, so its nice to see that Jeffrey & Paula for Simply Be have their version, I think I'd wear this over a floral dress, with some thick tights and a nice brogue or moccasin and bet it at the waist for definition....

Dress wise, I'd go with something like this from Dorothy Perkins

And of course to complete the heritage look, one needs a barbor-esque quilted jacket, yah yah!! This one from Evans will inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe...

Tesco have some gorgeous shoes in at the moment....(The second pair happened to fall into my basket on a recent shopping trip!!)

I'd definitely go with a satchel for this look, New Look have some gorgeous ones...

Overall I like this look as its a nod to the country and is very easy to wear, comfy and oooh dare I say snuggley? I just have these idyllic musings of taking long walks in the country with husband and baby wrapped up in a big snuggley cardigan, stopping at lovely pub for some lunch in front of a roaring fire.....we all know the reality will be me trudging through the snow, moaning about how cold it is and wishing I lived abroad!!!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Getting creative!

A sad, but true fact is that I don't have the funds I would like to spend on clothes nowadays, due to varying factors including sky high rent (bastards), baby (gorgeous), new business (fantastic) and rocketing food prices (bastards again). Granted, two of the reasons I love so its not all bad. To this end I am trying to find ways of being creative with my wardrobe, one of which is recycling Summer clothes for very the present Autumn.

Maxi dresses were a wardrobe staple for me over the Summer, and this beauty from the So Fabulous range at Littlewoods did me proud. So much so I thought I'd Autumn-fy it for the chillier days!!

Please do not ask what I am doing with my face on this picture....*constipated*
Using the dress as a base I popped a black and white striped jersey top from Dorothy Perkins, similar to the one listed here, some biker style boots, mine are from La Redoute a couple of seasons ago, but they are everywhere on the highstreet this season including these ones from Evans.

I accesorised with a charm necklace (Primark I think) and a cute scarf with mustard accent colours worn in my messy hair, I picked up on the mustard colours with the corsage I attached to my faithful and trusty demin jacket.

When I headed out I added my gorgeous clarks handbag as seen in my previous blog.

Are frugal time forcing you to get creative with your wardrobe? Maybe a shorts playsuit with opaque tights, a cardigan and chunky belt, or a long sleeved top under a summer dress?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

The last of the sunny days....

It would appear that summer came, went and may be making a brief comeback (much like Cher on her 15th farewell tour) before finally buggering off.

Today was a beautiful day and we'd organised to view a house to rent (although why I'm not quite sure as the likelyhood of us finding £800 in the near future for a deposit is a sheer impossibility)

I decided to pull another of my old favourites out of the wardrobe. When I say old favourite it will never be much older than 4 years old as I lost a considerable amount of weight about 4 years ago, so anything older than that would have been 6 sizes too big and sold on eBay a long time ago to pay for my wedding dress!!

The whole outfit
 I decided to wear jeans today (From Sainsburys TU range via eBay) as I haven't for a while. I also wanted to wear some comfy shoes (Clarks) as we were walking to the property and wanted to have a good walk round the neighbourhood too, I find comfy shoes with more delicate items like dresses and playsuits look a bit clumpy and suit a jean better.

Detailing on the top

I popped on a lovely top I've had for about 4 years (Matalan) , its a cute little mustard number with crochet detail to the front, very easy to wear. I accessorised with a little bendy headband made by my very talented mummy and a cute russian doll bracelet I picked up from a chocolate shop (weird i know) in a little village somewhere between Peterborough and Cleethorpes.

Close up of detailing and my rather ample bosom!!

Bendy headband by clever mummy

Bracelet acquired in an odd place

Whilst trying to take some of the pics, my baby wanted to get in on the action (she's a poser just like her mummy!!)

My girl

......Oh the house? Yes it was lovely, I'm gutted, 'nuff said.