Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Drinks with the girls....

A rare occurrence last night, I went for drinks and nibbles with the girls at Panizzi it's a cute little wine bar, deli type place close to where I live.

They do a variety of sharing platters, so we went Greek and got stuck in! Accompanied by several vodkas (not so Greek!). I've only lived in Beverley for 5 months, but since moving here I've made two great friends in the form of Andrea, who runs local business Gartons of Yorkhire (also my business partner at Miss Poppy's Tea Party) and Pauline, who like me only moved here recently as her husband is based at the local army/airforce base as a SAR pilot, when Pauline isn't working very hard as a Sales Executive she writes a fab blog about her passion, food.

The conversation, drink and laughs flowed all night. I think I put them both off child birth and children for life (not my intention), and theres a possibility we may have scared the staff with our outrageous stories of lesbians, death and pillows (hmmm don't ask!!)

Of course I need to talk about the outfit, I went for comfort, and it unintentionally ended up being all black, so this might not be the most inspiring outfit post, but thought I'd share.

I wore simple black leggings with a black cross over, puff ball dress from New Look's Inspire range (about 4 years old) and accessorised with Black leather knee high boots from La Redoute, skinny belt from Dorothy Perkins and huge chunky ring also from Dorothy Perkins.

It was a bit nippy outside so I threw on my old faithful leopard print cardi from Simply Be which I've also had for about 4 years! I think it really lifted the outfit, and is still in great condition considering I've worn it to death!!

Do you have any old faithfuls in the wardrobe that have stood the test of time?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Just a quickie...

Just a quick outfit post, I popped a quick piccie on twitter the other day, and got loads of positive feedback. So much so that one of my followers (and far away friend) went and bought the skirt (you'll have to send me a pic so I can pop it on here Jo!! xx)

Its all courtesy of Littlewoods and their 'Love Label' range which I love (funny that eh?!). Unfortunately it only goes up to a UK 20, which is frustrating because depending on the cut and material I can't always fit into, but I love how its so on trend without being cr-aaaa-zy, very wearable and reasonably priced.

So... the skirt is a turquoise and black striped midi tube skirt in the sale for a fabulous £13.50 I teamed it with a simple black racer back vest also from littlewoods also in the sale and some classic birkenstocks, similar to these...

Me, looking awkward, please ignore the toys everywhere!!
To give you an idea of the length and the shoes!
Most of my outfits are finished off with a chunky ring!!
So there you go, wasn't that quick actually was it?! Oops my bad!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Stripes and Tex Mex

On one of Mr BeBe's rare days off we decided to head out into the town centre to grab some lunch. Looking out of the window it looked a bit dull and blustery, so I had to try and find an outfit that was comfy casual to suit the weather (what I didn't realise is that it was bloody boiling and I was at melting point for the most part of the afternoon).

We decided to try out the local tex mex restaurant, it wasn't the best to be quite honest, but this is more about fashion and less about food (I'll blog about that very important thing another day)

I decided on my old faithful base of black leggings and a long line vest, if I'm ever stuck for inspiration I'll usually put this on and work from there! The leggings were from TU at Sainsburys, I found them to be really good quality, very opaque and the vest is a left over maternity one I just can't let go of!!!

Today I went for a lovely striped box jersey top from Yours. This is the first thing I've ever purchased from them ('gasp' went the plus size crowd!), to be quite frank, I never lived near a store so in that sense they weren't on my radar and the store closest to me, I found the stock to be a little bit "bling" for my taste, so for that reason I never really bothered looking at the website. Then I was passing the store the other day when I saw this on the sale rail, £5 BARGAIN! I love the colour and the 80's batwing feel is great.

I accessorised with a long line necklace which is made up of component parts from some of my nanna's old jewellery and a Dorothy Perkins necklace! The little ankle boots are La Redoute, I love their shoes, and I was also able to purchase that much hallowed item in the fat girls wardrobe; knee high boots. The 'en plus' range has some great bits, and with an 18 inch calf, believe me, this is not an easy feat.

Notably this is also the first outing of my shorter hair in a curled style, I used to love curling my longer hair and wasn't sure if it would work on the shorter style, but I don't think its too shabby?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Balls, Balls everywhere!

'Where?!' I hear you cry (OK well maybe not) but the answer is in the air! Any busy woman will know the feeling. As a wife, mum, business woman, daughter etc, etc. I find I have a lot of balls up in the air....and I'm going to let you into a secret.....I'm not very good a juggling!

I'm hoping by admitting this I will hear a collective sigh across woman kind! Even if you are 2 of the above you'll know exactly where I'm coming from when I say, sometimes I'm tired, sometimes I'm weepy, sometimes I want to close the door, climb back under the duvet and eat the contents of the nearest shop, and yes sometimes, I'm also exhilarated, enthused, excited and content!

I think what I'm getting at (or maybe just moaning about) is that you can have it all, it's just bloody difficult at times, tiring but in the same breath amazing.

Mrs BeBe - The mum

Mrs BeBe - The wife

Mrs BeBe - The Business Woman

Sunday, 21 August 2011

OOTD (Apparently that means Outfit of the Day!)

I seem to be getting into the flow of this blogging malarkey now, so I'm going to have a crack at an outfit of the day. A rare sunny day this month allowed me to wear this jumpsuit from Evans for the first time since I got it at the bargain price of £7 in the sale!

Along with my new doo, and despite my broken toe (sob, sob) I felt great in the outfit! I've really taken to the jumpsuit revival (yes I wore them when I was 8 years old in the 80's) they are so comfortable and practical especially when I'm running around after Poppy my daughter!

I accessorised with jewelled sandals from F+F at Tesco and bangles from H&M.

When it turned a little chillier I popped on my invaluable denim jacket which I acquired from Littlewoods about 3 years ago for £5......... YES £5! I LOVE IT! I cannot express how much I love this jacket, its great over maxis, jumper dresses, and of course my new love, jumpsuits!

Obviously highly amused by my denim jacket!

Take 2, trying to be sexy this time.....*stifles a giggle*
I guess some people would frown upon a fatty wearing a jumpsuit, but throughout my varying sizes I've always been of the opinion, you're fat not matter what you wear, so wear what you like!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Quality over quantity....

I was one of those girls who had box after box and draw after draw filled with cheap handbags and shoes. I couldn't resist a bargain, my response when people would compliment said handbag or shoe was "only cost me a fiver" or "primarni bargain". Whilst there is no harm in this and its is great fun to change up an outfit with a bright accessory or a fabulous pair of shoes, I have since had a change of heart.

It had gotten to the point that every other bag I picked out of my endless boxes of tricks would be broken, a handle snapped here, the lining ripped there, the soles would be falling off shoes, the toes worn through within 2 weeks of wear; that's when I had my epiphany and decided I would save (a word completely alien to me) and instead of buying 10 cheap handbags at £5 each I would buy one good quality classic handbag, how very mature and middle aged of me!!

Off I toddled to my local department store, various boutiques, and other retail outlets with a very generous budget of £80, and what happened? the same thing that always happens when you actually have money to buy something, you can never find anything you like! Feeling deflated and defeated I began the journey home when I passed good old Clarks. Clarks? I hear you cry!! Yes I am 31, I am a mother, a wife and god damn it people I need comfortable shoes and big handbags. So I decided to pop in and see what they had and there it was...soft tan suede, the smell of leather calling to me. And here she is, beautiful no? She along with some other key quality purchases is the first purchase on a journey to having a qualitative wardrobe as a pose to a quantitative one.