These boots were made for walking.....


Oh curse of the chunky calf's. As the owner of substantial calf's (19 inches to be precise) I find it incredibly difficult to find knee high boots to fit.

This winter has proved unsuccessful again. I did manage to find a cheap pair on eBay (seen here) to see me through the Autumn, but now winter is officially here I needed a more substantial, and better quality boot. I don't drive so as my main form of transportation my feet need to be warm and comfortable, but preferably still stylish.

I tried Clarks wide calf range, they didn't come close, I've given up on Evans after a rather embarrassing sob fest in Marble Arch a couple of years ago and as for Leg Rooms "extra ultra wide" fitting, could you be any more degrading? They can't be that extra or ultra, because they still don't bloody fit!!!

So as per last year I've opted for a mid calf biker style boot, I managed to find a cracking bargain over at Viva La Diva, hold your breath.....

Oh My!!
Oh Hello!

Oh ye of the buttery soft leather, chunky sole and snugly warm lining, let me bask in your beauty..... (sad right?!!) at the time of purchase I got them for the bargain price of £75.00 it would now appear less than a week later they have jumped up to £194.05 (oh bejesus). I think if you have that kind of money for Winter boots and are happy to pay that, they are still worth it. I own one other pair of KG's and they are still going strong after 7 years, so the quality speaks for itself, I just can't afford that amount of money at the moment!!

I love this style of boot because it "toughens up" any girly outfit. I have a habit of buying girly dresses with the best of intentions, but when it comes to putting them on I feel insecure, but I find if I stick a pair of biker boots on with it I feel more comfortable. My outfit today was a prime example of that...

Dress - Florence + Fred @ Tesco - (no longer available, but this is similar)
Leggings - TU @ Sainsburys
Cardigan - South @ Very

What piece of clothing brings you back into the comfort zone?

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  1. I am fairly lucky that at a size 20/22 my calfs arent too wide they are about 17 i think, but like you my mum has a horrific time finding boots, I do want to save up for some duo boots though, as I have heard so many good things about them, but they arent cheep :( My Next boots bring me into my comfort zone. xx

  2. I bought a pair of Duo boots last year and have worn them only once...seemed like a great idea, cost a fortune, but still just didn't seem 'right' for me..they'll be on EBay tomorrow along with a few other from a recent wardrobe, Kurt Keiger you say?! ;-)


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