OOTD - A splash of colour....


Picked up this little colourful number on ebay for 99p, bargain-a-licious no?! I'm forever wearing black so I thought I would step out of my comfort zone...."hmmm" I hear you say, "but she's still wearing a black top and black leggings", yes, yes I know, so ok, you got me, maybe I dipped a toe out of the comfort zone as opposed to a full blown jump!!

Please excuse the extremely manky eye, I suffer from conjunctivitis every time I'm run down, I've had it twice in the last month, so needless to say, I am very , much looking forward to my mani/pedi this afternoon and a few baby free days!! (Sorry Poppy, mummy loves you, she just needs a break!!)

I'm a bit fed up as it can be painful and more than anything just bloody annoying. I've got such a fun packed weekend planned too! I don't want to look like a complete minger!!! But hey ho, I'll numb the pain with alcohol!!!

 I'm hoping to bring you a few outfits over the next few days as I'm out and about, how very blooming exciting!!!!

So anyway, what do you think of the colour? Do you like a to dip a toe out of the comfort zone now and then?

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  1. Lovely! I never seem to find bargins on Ebay, I must look harder. Have a great Birthday weekend xx

  2. Love a good ebay bargain and yours is fab. Very stylish. Still admiring those gorgeous boots though. Jealous muchly.
    I always used to wear black but wear much more colour now. Still like the odd black though. Nothing better than being in your comfort zone every now and again!! xx

  3. Looking gorgeous as always, I never get the bargains. xxx

  4. U always look a picture, sweetheart! :0) Hope that eye is starting to shift!? Xx

  5. Thanks for your gorgeous comments guys. The boots are rather fab aren't they feline?!
    Oh Jonny, ever the charmer!! They eyes not great to be honest, but I'm sure it'll be fine soon!! xxx


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