OOTD - Birthday find


I promised I would show you a few of my birthday buys as I wear them over the next few weeks, here's one of my favourites. I was heading out of Dorothy Perkins when this cutie caught my eye. I'm a complete sucker for dinky prints, birds, anchors, cherries.... you get the picture. But this bad boy?... dogs, trees, crowns, Eiffel towers, birds, the bloomin' lot!!!!!!

Top - Dorothy Perkins

Surprise, surprise, I'm wearing it with my leggings and boots!!!!

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  1. I love this top, may have to take a closer look at it myself. xx

  2. Its in the sale at the moment too hun xx

  3. I'm liking the half sleeve affair a lot as well! I've been meaning to investigate DP for a while now... might just have to!!

  4. Ooh Love that top! Spotted it in Southampton a couple of weeks ago, it's great to see it on, it looks lovely! It's almost animal print but with a twist!

    w x

  5. Thanks Wendy, if I'm completely honest I could have done with the 22 but they didn't have it, and I loved the top so much!! xx

  6. This is a really fun short! Good find, indeed!

    - Justine


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