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Christmas is a funny old time. I'm an atheist, so never celebrate it in it's true sense anyway, but since leaving work to be a full time mum and run my own business I've missed the big build up to Christmas as well, no works "do", no excited office chatter. Poppy isn't old enough to understand or be excited about Christmas, so for the last couple of years I've not really got into the spirit of it.

That doesn't mean I don't enjoy spending time with family and exchanging gifts, who wouldn't?!! This year was no exception, Poppy's face alone when she opened her presents was worth it. Michael and I couldn't afford to get much for each other, but what we did was thoughtful and useful.

Here's some bits I was lucky enough to receive from hubby and family....

Cath Kidston - British birds bag

My favourite <3

Paperchase diary

oh, and it wouldn't be Christmas without.......


What did you get this Christmas?


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  1. We are exactly the same, christmas for me is about family, we concentrate on making sure josh has a good christmas, our presents to each other are if we have enough left over, this year marc bought me some new boots (£16 in the sale ) and he wanted something for his game :) we never go mad we just cant afford to. xxx

    I am in love with your bag and purse, how gorgeous! xx

  2. How lovely is that Cath Kidston bag! I hope you all had a lovely day!

    Me and my family tend not to go overboard either at Xmas, my presents were my Thomas Sabo bracelet and the Harry Potter boxset!

    Its all about the family time and the yummy dinner for me!


  3. ooh love the purse and bag, Kath Kidston stuff is gorgeous. Went in the Oxford branch which is huge and wanted everything from their Christmas range! I did manage to resist though!
    w x


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