Date Night....


Whilst the babies away, mummy and daddy will play! It's my birthday tomorrow, so my lovely man took me out for a meal.

The original outfit I had planned was a major no-go, I ordered these, its my own fault for not trying them on more than an hour before I went out, but oh dear, awful, awful. The fit was appalling: tight round the tummy, ridiculously baggy in the legs. So I just had to throw a pair of jeans on, but then, me being me I couldn't decide on a top.

First outfit choice
Satin rose top - Tesco (about 2 years old)
Jeans - South @ Littlewoods

Satin peep toe shoes - Love Label @ Very (about 3 years old)
2nd Outfit Choice
Bird Print blouse - South @ Littlewoods
Jeans - South @ Littlewoods

It's true love
Shoes - Miss L Fire

Can we just take a moment and feel the love for the shoes. They are the most beautiful shoes I've ever owned. FACT. They are a couple of years old now, but head on over to the Miss L Fire site and soak in the the amazing-ness that is Miss L Fire.

Anyway, I digress. I went with the second outfit, mainly because you may have notice its a tad chilly I need sleeves!!

What a handsome couple!

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  1. You looked gorgeous in both outfits, and you and your husband make a gorgeous couple. xxxx

  2. Aww thanks Mhairi, he's definitely a keeper!! xx

  3. Lovely outfit u have such a nice figure xx

  4. Oh wow, thanks Ceri, that's such a lovely thing to say! Mwah!! X x

  5. I love the bird print blouse! I have one on my wish list at the moment!

    And your shoes are beautiful! I cannot disagree with you!

    What a lovely couple you two make!

    Happy Birthday!
    - Justine

  6. I adore those shoes on your second outfit and the skirt I need to get my hands on that at some point and may i say you twoo genuinely seem lovely together... hopefully one day I'll be like that if not i'll just live with 27 cats hahaa :)


  7. Rosie, Justine, it is such a great top isn't it?! and Rosie, you're a beautiful, funny & intelligent girl, it will happen for you one day, enjoy being single and uni, they are great years!! X x x

  8. Aww what a lovely looking couple you make!

  9. Aww Thanks ReeRee, good job really!! I hear divorce is a bitch!!! :0)


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