Black Lace, leopard print and disco tunes....


Ah now I realise those of you fond of Agadoo may be disappointed by this post, sadly it has nothing to do with the 80's "party" band and more to do with my actual outfit.

Right now we've cleared that up, lets get on with the clothes. This is the final instalment of my epic birthday weekend. On Saturday we headed over to my home town to meet with friends and go and see one of my friend Sara's bands (she is in a few, this one is a disco band).

I bought this dress last year from Simply Be, I was desperate for a black lace dress, I tried on maaaaannny before I found this one. I loved the fit, but it had extra lace on the shoulders which I did not like, or think suited me. So my very clever mummy, very carefully removed them for me, and voila, I had the perfect little black lace shift. I love the scalloping detail to the arms and hem. They have some similar styles this season too, check them out here.

My tights are 100 denier from Evans, I made the mistake of getting a size 3 so I had "Nora Batty's" all night (I realise now that my lovely American readers probably won't have a clue who Black Lace & Nora Batty are, I wont bother explaining, just google guys!!)

You may have noticed I have somewhat of a like for leopard print (ok, its a complete obsession) so I accessorised with leopard pumps, handbag and earrings!!

Manky eye has nearly cleared up, hoorah!!!

Black Lace Dress - Grazia @ Simply Be (Last Season)
Leopard print pumps - Dorothy Perkins
Tights 100 Denier - Evans

For some reason my hips look square, dodgy hand placement!! Sorry for the buggy in shot too!!
Leopard print pumps, complete with Nora Batty, saggy ankles!!!

Thought I'd get another one of the husband in, just cos it freaks him out!! ha ha!!

What will you guys be wearing over festive season, love an LBD or fancy something more colourful?

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  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!!! seriously you look fabulous!!! xxxxx

  2. Ha Ha Ha thanks Mhairi!! Bless you!! Loving you're enthusiasm!! xxxxx

  3. Every girl loves a bit of leopard print surely?! You look lush in lace :-)

  4. Love the lace dress! I always find it interesting when British words mean something very different than the US word, such as vests. Pumps in the US would mean really tall high-heels!

  5. Yey thank you Lucy!!
    Strange isn't it Rebecca? Like purse, which is what we keep our money/cards in, but in the USA it's what we would call a handbag!!
    Thank you both for your lovely comments x x


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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