A Very warm affair........


Brrr, its turning a tad chilly no? So to that end I've started building up the knitwear collection again. I found this little beauty amongst the interwebby pages of my fave catalogue Very, in their So Fabulous! range.

Ha Ha Awkward!!

Reefer Cardigan £32.00 (So Fabulous @ Very)
Leggings £6.00 (George @ Asda)
Boots £26.99 (eBay)

People, lets take a minute to talk about the boots....they might not be the finest leather, in fact they're not even the finest plastic, but they are relatively aesthetically pleasing and the they fit my gargantuan calf of 19 inches. So lets here it for the boooooots!!!

For all you pervs who have searched "fat chick in knee high boots" this ones for you!!!

Back to the star of this piece, the cardigan, I love the double breasted front and the contrast between the knit on the main body of the cardi and the double breasted part. I ordered a size 22, I think its pretty much true to size and the knit itself is soft and not itchy.

The only negative for me is the belt that came with it looks a little plasticy and cheap, so from now on I'll probably team it with a belt of my own, but overall I love the look and feel of the cardigan and its lightweight enough so you don't get too hot, but can layer underneath if needs be.

Close up of the offending belt!!

Gratuitous head shot

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  1. you look so warm in that! i need some decent knits i'm still wearing all my summer ones and freezing half to death!

  2. It's a nice knit, it is quite thing though, I would like some even chunkier cardis and jumpers, it's my first winter in Yorkshire, think its going to be a cold one!!! xx


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