Pretty things and Hairy Growlers....


Every so often, but not as often as I'd like, I take the time to open my jewellery box and peruse it's shiny, pretty contents.

Now I've read that back to myself I realise those of you who's mind are firmly in the gutter keeping mine company might have thought that sounds as dirty as I did, but tough titties, I like it, it's staying.

Anyway onto what I actually wanted to write about; Hairy Growlers (stop it!!), or should I say, The Hairy Growler.

About 3, maybe 4 years ago on the way back from a trip to London, my boyfriend and I stopped at Cambridge, where there happened to be a lovely little craft market. There on the craft market was a pleasant little chap, peddling his wares. Now I'd seen jewellery made from old cutlery, coins etc in the past, but this was something else altogether, something really special, dare I say, enchanting? (oh look I just did, get over it)

Being little old skint me, all I could afford to purchase at the time was a ring, a mighty fine, very pretty ring I might add!

Whilst purchasing said ring, I fell in love with a beautiful bracelet, a winged, hearted, starry bracelet, but alas I could not afford, so off we trotted back to smelly old Grimsby, without my pretty bracelet.

But....clever, clever old boyfriend had snaffled a business card unbeknown to me and only went and purchased me the pretty, wingy, hearty, starry bracelet for Christmas that year!!!

The clever boyfriend, went on to be my clever husband, and me, husband and bracelet lived happily ever after.....

(I really did not intend this post to end up sounding like a shit fairytale, but, go with it, I have very little in life, humour me.!)

So there you go, I thought I would share. It seems that chap who had a little market stall, now has a very big and beautiful website, where you can see said bracelet along with a whole host of beautiful "upcycled" (as the kids are saying nowadays) jewellery.

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  1. Hey Becky, thank you for this lovely blog :) I love the photos, they look ace. Have a great weekend :) Harry G


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