The good, the bad and the ugly....


So; in the interests of fair blogging I thought I would do an outfit post where I feel quite frankly, I looked like a dogs dinner.

The other evening we went for Sushi with friends (the good) so, so good, very tasty! We like to get dressed up when ever possible so I donned my new dress from Monsoon (via eBay), I'd been lusting after it for a while, it was brand new with tags and looked great in the picture. I should have been weary when it arrived, tried it on and the belt it came with was too small. Don't you just love it when you buy a plus size item and they put a straight size belt on it. (FFS!!!) it's one of my biggest fashion pet hates, Dorothy Perkins have been guilt of this in the past too (Grrr)

I digress, I decided that once I'd stuck on a belt that fitted, some heels and slapped on my make up it would look chic and sexy, oh wow I couldn't have been more wrong!!!

Dress, Monsoon, Shoes, amazing.
Now this is the only picture I managed to raise a smile on, the rest I look completely miserable on (The Bad), I find clothing really does effect my mood, if I'm not comfortable or happy with my look I feel terrible (yes I have panic attacks when stood at my wardrobe).

The only good thing about my outfit was my amazing shoes I picked up from a boutique, I love them, I cannot walk in them, but I love them...

So for the ugly? I guess one of my miserable pictures (I said it was in the interests of fairness, so here goes...)

Grumpy, Grumpy Mrs BeBe
So there you go, needless to say this item will be making its way onto eBay very soon. Its a wonderful quality dress and in theory, I like the style, but on me, it just looks awful. You win some, you lose some!!!

P.S. Please excuse my messy house, we moved in 3 weeks ago and I'm yet to find a good photo spot!!

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  1. Well I don't think it looks awful, but I know what you mean about clothing affecting your, mood, if I am not comfortable I go into complete melt down and feel terrible all night, so if it isn't working for you, put it on ebay, but I think you look very pretty. xx

  2. I love that dress!! Shame it's too big (I could take it in I guess ;) )

    Clothing definitely affects the way you feel because you know that's the first thing people see about you.

    In my opinion you look lovely (even in the miserable) did you end up wearing it out for sushi?

  3. Thanks you two, very kind of you to say!! I did end up wearing it, but I didn't feel at all comfortable!! We live n learn!! X x

  4. I think you look very pretty! I like the dress! I wore something the other day and it was the most boring outfit in the universe (jeans and a jumper) and I felt awful too. It's not the reality (we both looked fine) it's how clothes make you feel that really counts.
    GREAT shoes btw!

  5. I often feel "blurgh" when I've thought about an outfit and when it comes to actually putting it on it doesn't look how I envisioned it would. I think the dress is lovely but maybe a bit more shapeless than you wanted it to be? Its very similar to the grey pleated dress I have from Evans Collection. If I was wearing it, I'd get rid of the belt and work the loose look of the dress instead. I think plus sizes need to reclaim flowing items - I'm tired of the Gok school of thought that its all about shapewear and waist belts. We can do what we like!

  6. Thanks Eclectica, I often don't feel right in an outfit, but everyone else says it looks great, like you say it's not the reality! Right on the money monkey, I think sometimes you build an outfit up in your head, but when you actually get it on it's far from what you expected!! That dress inparticular has an ekasticated waist so the belt was there just as a prop, but I know what you mean, I have a gorgeous smock dress, almost 30's and I felt like I should belt it, but the fact is it's a smock it's not meant to be belted or structured and is beautiful as is!! Thanks for your comments, love getting them! X

  7. I've had this so many times. Dress looks FAB on hanger but not on me. It's the main reason why I never buy clothes nowadays without trying them on! On the plus side, sometimes I think 'meh' about something, try it on and then love it!

    And I'm so envious of the shoes. I don't think I could stand in them, nevermind walk in them!

  8. Trust me, if you saw me walking in them you wouldn't be envious!! :-D x x thanks for your comment x x


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