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It's all a bit manic here at Chez BeBe, Mr BeBe is busy doing some commission work, along with working on his own comic (as well as his "day" job), and I've got a big event coming up this weekend for Miss Poppy's Tea Party, providing the tea party area for The Vintage Fair.

Working from home is amazing but I do tend find myself sat in my pajamas, but if I'm mega busy I like to feel a bit more put together, I don't know, but in some way it makes me feel more efficient!! Ultimately though, I have to be comfy.

No make-up scari-ness!!
Jeggings (Very) £18.00
Peter pan collar tunic (Love Label @ Very) about 2 years old
Shoes (Tesco - here in black) £14.00

I try whenever possible not to wear make-up when I'm in the house, but its easier said than done, I'm always panicked someone will know on the door and see me bare faced, but I've been using the blog to help me with this idiotic fear!! (See Here) 

Bare face, brave face!!

Work at home bling in the specs and hair!!
Accompanied by essential coke zero (not sponsored lol)
And if the worse comes to the worse, I can always hide behind my laptop!

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  1. Awww I'm going to miss the vintage fair as I've got a band rehearsal booked in :( Hope you have a lovely day there! And you look FINE without make-up, though I do empathise with you as I hate being seen without mine...! xx

  2. Aww what a shame, I wasn't expecting to be exhibiting, so excited!! Would have been lovely to meet you!! Have a good band practice xx


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