What I Wore.....rare outing of the not so lesser spotted Mrs BeBe


So the combination of a new job, bookings for the business, being a mummy, wife and impending house move makes Mrs BeBe a very dull girl!

But the 30th birthday of a friend gave Mr BeBe and I a chance to to venture out, catch up with friends and a have a few drinkies.

The party took place in my friends very funky, fully functioning home bar in her back garden (it's better than it sounds!!)

I decided to rock a bit of supermarket chic (if there is such a thing, I'll let you decide)

Leopard print top F+F at tesco, all though it only goes up to a 22, because of the fit and material I would say it could easily fit up to a 26.

The trousers are as close as I could find to a peg leg without them making me look a complete idiot, my sizeable thighs and chunky calves do not lend themselves to the shape. These ones are from George at Asda.

The shoes are from peacocks, I've had them a good few years now and are always great to throw on and make me feel glam!!

We had a lovely evening, but I was careful not to drink too much as I had heaps of packing and organising to do the next day. See?! Dull!!!

P.S. This is my first attempt at using blogger for the iPhone. So apologies if the composition leaves a lot to be desired!!

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