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As we bid farewell to what was (unsurprisingly) another terrible British summer, I thought I'd do a bit of a wish list, and that's just what it will stay, as mentioned in previous blog, I'm skint, but I will try and adapt my wardrobe and maybe add in a few key pieces....

I think I'm leaning towards the heritage feel, but my wardrobe is always a bit eclectic (or schizophrenic is another way of putting it) so I may deviate from this at times.

I love this cardigan, there is one almost identical in H&M but not in plus size, so its nice to see that Jeffrey & Paula for Simply Be have their version, I think I'd wear this over a floral dress, with some thick tights and a nice brogue or moccasin and bet it at the waist for definition....

Dress wise, I'd go with something like this from Dorothy Perkins

And of course to complete the heritage look, one needs a barbor-esque quilted jacket, yah yah!! This one from Evans will inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe...

Tesco have some gorgeous shoes in at the moment....(The second pair happened to fall into my basket on a recent shopping trip!!)

I'd definitely go with a satchel for this look, New Look have some gorgeous ones...

Overall I like this look as its a nod to the country and is very easy to wear, comfy and oooh dare I say snuggley? I just have these idyllic musings of taking long walks in the country with husband and baby wrapped up in a big snuggley cardigan, stopping at lovely pub for some lunch in front of a roaring fire.....we all know the reality will be me trudging through the snow, moaning about how cold it is and wishing I lived abroad!!!

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