The last of the sunny days....


It would appear that summer came, went and may be making a brief comeback (much like Cher on her 15th farewell tour) before finally buggering off.

Today was a beautiful day and we'd organised to view a house to rent (although why I'm not quite sure as the likelyhood of us finding £800 in the near future for a deposit is a sheer impossibility)

I decided to pull another of my old favourites out of the wardrobe. When I say old favourite it will never be much older than 4 years old as I lost a considerable amount of weight about 4 years ago, so anything older than that would have been 6 sizes too big and sold on eBay a long time ago to pay for my wedding dress!!

The whole outfit
 I decided to wear jeans today (From Sainsburys TU range via eBay) as I haven't for a while. I also wanted to wear some comfy shoes (Clarks) as we were walking to the property and wanted to have a good walk round the neighbourhood too, I find comfy shoes with more delicate items like dresses and playsuits look a bit clumpy and suit a jean better.

Detailing on the top

I popped on a lovely top I've had for about 4 years (Matalan) , its a cute little mustard number with crochet detail to the front, very easy to wear. I accessorised with a little bendy headband made by my very talented mummy and a cute russian doll bracelet I picked up from a chocolate shop (weird i know) in a little village somewhere between Peterborough and Cleethorpes.

Close up of detailing and my rather ample bosom!!

Bendy headband by clever mummy

Bracelet acquired in an odd place

Whilst trying to take some of the pics, my baby wanted to get in on the action (she's a poser just like her mummy!!)

My girl

......Oh the house? Yes it was lovely, I'm gutted, 'nuff said.

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