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A sad, but true fact is that I don't have the funds I would like to spend on clothes nowadays, due to varying factors including sky high rent (bastards), baby (gorgeous), new business (fantastic) and rocketing food prices (bastards again). Granted, two of the reasons I love so its not all bad. To this end I am trying to find ways of being creative with my wardrobe, one of which is recycling Summer clothes for very the present Autumn.

Maxi dresses were a wardrobe staple for me over the Summer, and this beauty from the So Fabulous range at Littlewoods did me proud. So much so I thought I'd Autumn-fy it for the chillier days!!

Please do not ask what I am doing with my face on this picture....*constipated*
Using the dress as a base I popped a black and white striped jersey top from Dorothy Perkins, similar to the one listed here, some biker style boots, mine are from La Redoute a couple of seasons ago, but they are everywhere on the highstreet this season including these ones from Evans.

I accesorised with a charm necklace (Primark I think) and a cute scarf with mustard accent colours worn in my messy hair, I picked up on the mustard colours with the corsage I attached to my faithful and trusty demin jacket.

When I headed out I added my gorgeous clarks handbag as seen in my previous blog.

Are frugal time forcing you to get creative with your wardrobe? Maybe a shorts playsuit with opaque tights, a cardigan and chunky belt, or a long sleeved top under a summer dress?

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  1. ahh you look lovely i wish i could wear maxi's but i just look silly! xx

  2. Theres a maxi out there for everyone, I'm sure! just have to find the right style!But I'm also a believer in fashion that you're comfortable wearing, and if you don't feel great in it, don't wear it!! xxx

  3. Love the look of Miss Poppys Tea Party! Good luck with everything x

  4. Thank you!! xxxx


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