Dare to bare?


Inspired by my friend Susie who posted the following passage on Facebook, I ask; do you dare to bare?

The status was.... "We will all have lines and wrinkles. We will all have those extra pounds we want to lose and the blemishes that time will only add to. Post this status with a picture of you with no make up on if you are proud of who you are and who you will be. Faults and all. They're what make people love you"

Now before I "dare to bare" I'd just like to explain, I am one of those wretched women who NEVER leave the house without make-up, I even gave birth in a light smattering of foundation, and had it not been for the fact I had conjunctivitis at the time, I would have done it in full mascara too! But I've decided I need to get over this and grow a pair. So here goes......

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