Stripes and Tex Mex


On one of Mr BeBe's rare days off we decided to head out into the town centre to grab some lunch. Looking out of the window it looked a bit dull and blustery, so I had to try and find an outfit that was comfy casual to suit the weather (what I didn't realise is that it was bloody boiling and I was at melting point for the most part of the afternoon).

We decided to try out the local tex mex restaurant, it wasn't the best to be quite honest, but this is more about fashion and less about food (I'll blog about that very important thing another day)

I decided on my old faithful base of black leggings and a long line vest, if I'm ever stuck for inspiration I'll usually put this on and work from there! The leggings were from TU at Sainsburys, I found them to be really good quality, very opaque and the vest is a left over maternity one I just can't let go of!!!

Today I went for a lovely striped box jersey top from Yours. This is the first thing I've ever purchased from them ('gasp' went the plus size crowd!), to be quite frank, I never lived near a store so in that sense they weren't on my radar and the store closest to me, I found the stock to be a little bit "bling" for my taste, so for that reason I never really bothered looking at the website. Then I was passing the store the other day when I saw this on the sale rail, £5 BARGAIN! I love the colour and the 80's batwing feel is great.

I accessorised with a long line necklace which is made up of component parts from some of my nanna's old jewellery and a Dorothy Perkins necklace! The little ankle boots are La Redoute, I love their shoes, and I was also able to purchase that much hallowed item in the fat girls wardrobe; knee high boots. The 'en plus' range has some great bits, and with an 18 inch calf, believe me, this is not an easy feat.

Notably this is also the first outing of my shorter hair in a curled style, I used to love curling my longer hair and wasn't sure if it would work on the shorter style, but I don't think its too shabby?

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  1. I love this top, i have a obsession with stripes actually there something I automatically gravitate to in shops! it looks lovely on you :) xx

  2. Thanks Rosie xxx


Thank you for your comment, I love reading what everyone has to say! B x

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