Quality over quantity....


I was one of those girls who had box after box and draw after draw filled with cheap handbags and shoes. I couldn't resist a bargain, my response when people would compliment said handbag or shoe was "only cost me a fiver" or "primarni bargain". Whilst there is no harm in this and its is great fun to change up an outfit with a bright accessory or a fabulous pair of shoes, I have since had a change of heart.

It had gotten to the point that every other bag I picked out of my endless boxes of tricks would be broken, a handle snapped here, the lining ripped there, the soles would be falling off shoes, the toes worn through within 2 weeks of wear; that's when I had my epiphany and decided I would save (a word completely alien to me) and instead of buying 10 cheap handbags at £5 each I would buy one good quality classic handbag, how very mature and middle aged of me!!

Off I toddled to my local department store, various boutiques, and other retail outlets with a very generous budget of £80, and what happened? the same thing that always happens when you actually have money to buy something, you can never find anything you like! Feeling deflated and defeated I began the journey home when I passed good old Clarks. Clarks? I hear you cry!! Yes I am 31, I am a mother, a wife and god damn it people I need comfortable shoes and big handbags. So I decided to pop in and see what they had and there it was...soft tan suede, the smell of leather calling to me. And here she is, beautiful no? She along with some other key quality purchases is the first purchase on a journey to having a qualitative wardrobe as a pose to a quantitative one.

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  1. Love it! I was exactly the same, cheap bags from Primark,etc and now I have got my good leather bag from Asos and so far so good and it has been almost a year!x


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