Balls, Balls everywhere!


'Where?!' I hear you cry (OK well maybe not) but the answer is in the air! Any busy woman will know the feeling. As a wife, mum, business woman, daughter etc, etc. I find I have a lot of balls up in the air....and I'm going to let you into a secret.....I'm not very good a juggling!

I'm hoping by admitting this I will hear a collective sigh across woman kind! Even if you are 2 of the above you'll know exactly where I'm coming from when I say, sometimes I'm tired, sometimes I'm weepy, sometimes I want to close the door, climb back under the duvet and eat the contents of the nearest shop, and yes sometimes, I'm also exhilarated, enthused, excited and content!

I think what I'm getting at (or maybe just moaning about) is that you can have it all, it's just bloody difficult at times, tiring but in the same breath amazing.

Mrs BeBe - The mum

Mrs BeBe - The wife

Mrs BeBe - The Business Woman

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