Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Style: Spring Style with Navabi

Hello! How are you all doing? Today I've got some of the new season pieces from the Navabi Collection to share with you. If you're new to the blog, I've worked with Navabi for a couple of years now and I can't get enough of them! Navabi are a Premium Plus Size retailer, but don't let that scare you, they have items for most budgets. 

Today's outfit features items from the Navabi Collection, which is their own collection designed in-house. I've teamed their jacquard cigarette trousers in a size 24 and the cotton mix oversized jumper  in a size 18/20 (the bigger size was out of order but is not back in stock) with an oversized denim shirt from ASOS and clog style tan shoes from Yours Clothing. 

This is a majorly colourful outfit for me and a little bit out of my comfort zone, but gosh do I love it! And today really did feel like the first day of spring, so it feels very appropriate for the weather!

I don't feel like I have to explain, but the quality, as always, is outstanding. And that is of course reflected in the price point. But these are items that you will wear for many years. 

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**These items were sent to me for review. All words and opinions are my own**

Monday, 27 February 2017

Style: Lost Ink Curve.

Howdy! So straight in with today's post! I discovered Lost Ink Curve while mooching on the House of Fraser website last year and I fell in love with several of their pieces! This frilly denim shirt being one. 

I think I've got about five denim shirts, but each one has it's own cute style and this one is no exception! I love the frill detail and the fabric has some stretch to it so the movement in it is lovely. Now I feel I must point out that due to my ongoing pain issues, I haven't been able to wear a proper bra for ages, let alone do one up, so my boobs probably don't look the best in a fitted shirt, but I'm past the point of caring now haha! I need to focus on what is comfortable for me!! 

I completed my outfit with this fab longline bomber from Pink Clove, treggings and chunky boots. And later on a beautiful chest full on sugar from the hot donuts I ate, classy. 

Have you discovered any new plus brands lately? Any of the regular ones really doing it for you? 

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Lifestyle: The Importance of Self-Care

I'm going to let you into a little secret... I love mugs, like seriously. If I believed in guilty pleasures (which I don't) I'd say this, along with The Kardashians marathons were probably in my top five, but no-one got time to be guilty over the good stuff! Sitting down with a cuppa is probably one of my ultimate pleasures and I can't think of anything cuter than doing it with a personalised mug

Even as someone who is home-based, I very rarely afford myself any quality time to just relax, and do nothing, and I mean nothing, like put the phone away, close up the laptop and enjoy some time immersing myself in some quiet time. When I do though, I love to pull out some books, nothing intense, I like travel books and fashion books and of course, there's always room for a little bit of something sweet to go with the old cuppa. 

When I was asked to personalise my own mug by the guys at Mr Nutcase, I of course instantly thought of putting Pops on my mug. I chose these pics we took on one of our 'girls nights' because they're just so fun and cute and these are times I want to remember when I'm kicking back and enjoying a cuppa. And even on my worst day, I know, when I'm making a brew, I'll look at our silly faces and smile to myself. Instant happy! And that's what's so lovely about personalising items, little reminders of our loved ones, or favourite places. 

The mug itself is great quality, I like a chunky mug with a bit of weight to it, which this one certainly is, it's a stylish shape, not just your average builders mug style (although I do love a builders mug!). The transfer quality is lovely and even though our faces are a little squished, that's kind of expected due to the shape of the mug and the type of pic I chose. 

In such busy times, it's important to remember to look after ourselves, that way, we can enjoy the fun times even more.

Be kind to yourself <3 

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**I was sent this item to review. All words are my own**

Sunday, 19 February 2017

4 Wardrobe Essentials that will Change your Life...

I suppose I could be accused of being a bit of a uniform dresser, and after six years of blogging, you'd think that would get pretty boring for you guys, BUT I hope I've managed to entertain and inspire best I can!

I thought I'd pick a few of my wardrobe essentials to share with you and how I style them to get the most milage out of them!

Biker Jacket...

I genuinely don't know what I'd do without my biker jacket, dressy, casual and everything in between,  I can't think of an outfit I can't wear it with. It adds instant cool to anything.

Pinafore Dress...

God do I love a pinafore, in its many forms, but for the purposes of this post I'm sicking to dresses. The main reason being, I know this style can bit pretty scary to tackle, dungarees in particular, there's camel toe issues, belly issues, bum crack issues... basically fabric in fold situations, by wearing the dress style, it still gives you that cute pinafore style without having the worry of possibly being uncomfortable.

Striped Top...

I mean, I feel like I shouldn't have to explain, but this is a mega huge classic, and, if for any bizarre reason you feel like fat chicks shouldn't wear horizontal stripes, then my beautiful chubby friend, I am here to tell you otherwise. And don't be afraid to experiment with them, I love print clashing, a stripe is an awesome tool for that and don't forget the classic navy stripe, camel combo. If you have a mac or camel coat, there is nothing more beautiful than a navy stripe breton and jeans. 


Converse have been a relative new addition to my wardrobe, it was probably about three years ago but I would be lost without them now. They're my go-to casual shoe, and so bloomin' comfy! But as you can see, I love wearing them with jeans, dresses, leggings, dungarees, the whole shebang!

And that kids, is my whistle stop tour of some of my wardrobe essentials. I hope that maybe by trying some out of these they might save you some weekend/school run/work dressing stress! 

Shop the Essentials:

L: New Look £34.99 // R: ASOS £90.00

L: ASOS £15.00 // R: Evans £42.00

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Trend: Embroidery

The embroidery trend was huge for AW16 and is definitely going to carry on into SS17. And while a few years ago, you could be waiting around at least six months for the latest trends to translate into plus size fashion, nowadays you can get the latest styles just as quick as our slimmer sisters (about fluffin' time to be honest). 

Boots: ASOS (Similar)// Jeans: ASOS (Similar)// Sweatshirt: New Look

Shirt: New Look

These two pieces in my (very grainy) instagram pics are both from New Look, they have some awesome takes on the embroidered trend. Some more of my fave picks are below:

New Look



Will you be embracing the embroidery trend?

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Health: Smear Tests, sharing my experience.

There's been a lot of chatter around the old interweb regarding smear tests of late and I kind of want to share my experience with you and have a chat about them. 

TW: This post refers to sexual assault. 

Being the ancient dinosaur that I am, I was lucky enough to have been able to start having smear tests at the age of 18. My experience of smear tests has not been nice, but I wanted try and reassure you that no matter how bad or scary or painful it is, you really are doing yourself a disservice if you don't go and get yours. 

Me headed to the doctors...
Credit: Linocutboy

At the tender age of 18 I stepped into a dark dingy nurses office, completely unsure of what to expect. Maybe I should have picked up one of those leaflets up and clued myself up first, and yes the internet was very much in its infancy so I couldn't really google it (I could have maybe asked Jeeves, yes I am truly that old). 

The brusk nurse told me to remove my trousers. There was no screen, just a bare office with a bed thing in the corner (what are they called?), anyway I digress, I stood there in my knickers, she kind of looked at me oddly. I had to ask if needed to remove my knickers, I genuinely didn't know what to expect. I think I thought this may be a pull them to one side situ? Who knows what was going through my mind? But no, it was a full naked bottom half situ. I walked over to the bed and hopped up. Seriously this was the dark ages, it wouldn't happen now, you'd remove all that behind the privacy of a curtain and pop a bit of paper towel on you for modesty. 

She put the speculum inside me, which again, back in the dark ages was cold and metal. My very nervous vagina shut the sucker right back up again. The nurse told me to relax, after a few attempts and she managed to get up there. A few painful scrapes later and we were done. I went over to the chair, put my clothes back on and sat down, she gave me a talk about checking my breasts and sent me on my way. 

I felt so violated. You see, about 4 years earlier I had been subjected to a sexual assault by a boy I went to school with and this, in a strange way, felt the same. I had found myself in a situation I didn't want to be in, I felt vulnerable and stupid. The exact way I had felt those years before. And as much as I tried to tell myself it was for my own good and that it was a medical procedure, still I sobbed and sobbed. 

When it came to my next one, around 5 years later, I remember sitting in the car with my dad, shaking. I was so scared, I didn't want to go in. But somehow he managed to calm me down and talk me round. In I went, this time, in a different, brighter, more modern surgery. I was talked through the process by a very kindly nurse. I went behind a curtain (hoorah) and removed my clothes, got up onto the bed, and popped the paper towel on for my modestly. The nurse inserted a plastic speculum, and yes, again my nervous vagina clamped it shut, but after another try we got there, and yes, it still hurt like hell, but the nurse's friendly chatter seemed to soothe the whole process a bit and I was in and out before I knew it. 

Every time I've been since has become easier. 

Is it pleasant? No. 

Is it painful? For me, yes. 

Is it mortally embarrassing? Yep. 

But, is it worth it? Yes, absolutely, a million times yes. 

This is only my personal experience, but one I wanted to share with you. Despite the most horrific start to my smear journey and the painful memories it brought up, I still wouldn't change it. I would take that ten minutes of embarrassment and pain over cancer any day. I'd have one every week if it meant not having cancer.

Love your Lady Garden - Get a Smear.

I beg of you. Take whatever pain, bad experiences, fears and put them to one side, once every three years and do this one thing for your health. Please. 

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