Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Style: Tropical Looks with Yours Clothing

I've got some tropical vibes for you today. The trend has been around for a while now and I've kind of admired it from a far but not really dipped my toe, that was until I saw this skirt from Yours Clothing, so I took the plunge for mt holiday, because if you can't wear a bit of palm print on your holibobs then where can you?!

As you can see this tropical print skirt is perfect for popping over your bikini, or dressing up and down. A simple crop top and flip flops would do for the daytime, whereas heels and a strappy cami is going to elevate this look to evening. Size-wise, I'm wearing the 22 and I'd say it's bang on.  I've teamed the skirt with these fab shoes, also from Yours Clothing, they are wide fit mules with a really comfy block heal. 

The fabric is light weight and the waist is 3/4 elasticated, so there's a fabric band to the front and a thick elastic band the rest of the way round. It has a faux wrap detail and length-wise I'd say it's just about maxi on me (5'7") so if you're a bit taller, it would be more of a midi, and more of a maxi if you're on the smaller side. 

Have you tried the tropical print trend yet? Are you all about the palm print or are you afraid of a bit of foliage? 

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Style: Leopard Love with Evans

Hello! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend! I've got a great transitional piece for you today. The weather is a bit unpredictable at the mo, so this plus size shirt dress from Evans is a great piece for all situations.

It's been a while since I've rocked a bit of leopard print, it used to be an absolute wardrobe staple for me, but I seem to be seriously lacking in any animal print pieces, so I'm glad I now have this in  my wardrobe.

Size-wise I went for the 22 and it's *fine* but I think for my personal comfort levels I maybe should have gone for the 24, there's just a bit of snugness around the hip and thigh area I could have done without. But it is okay, it'll be better open over jeans for example. That's beauty of a shirt dress is it can also double up as a duster type jacket, you can wear it open over trousers or just as a dress. 

I absolutely adore the print though and its versatility. There will always be a place in my wardrobe for a shirt dress

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Style: Swimwear with Curvy Kate

Hello!!! How's it going gang? I'm bringing you the last batch of my holiday posts now, today we're talking swimwear with boob CHAMPIONS, Curvy Kate. If you're looking for large cup swimwear these are your guys! 

The galaxy set is out of this world... Wheyyyy love a good pun! Seriously though, it's a beauty, the vibrant print, awesome harness strapping, high waisted briefs. SO good. 

I'm wearing the 38F top and size 22 breifs. The bottoms are perfect, seriously good. The bra is very firm band-wise, but it does give after a few days. Obviously, sun bathing wise, the straps aren't a great idea, unless you're mega into a stripey chest, which is why its so fantastic that these are detachable! 

I've also seen loads of gorgeous peeps wear them in different formations too, so it's really versatile! 

Have you taken the plunge and worn a plus size bikini yet? How do they make you feel? I know it's taken me a couple of years to really embrace them, but I am LOVING them now! 

Love B x

**This set was sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own**

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Style: Swimwear with Viva Voluptuous

It's sunny again, does that mean I can talk swimwear without depressing you all too much? Haha!! I've got relative new kids on the block Viva Voluptuous for you today. The brand started out with lingerie and have added a small but gorgeous selection of swimwear to their collection now and I'm majorly impressed. 

I'm wearing the gorgeous Antotella bikini with the full brief option, they also come in a mini brief option too if you prefer a, well, briefer option! It's a gorgeous deep pink colour, almost red, something completely out of my comfort zone colour-wise, but once I got it on, I fell in love! 

This was my first day as well, so I was decidedly pale, but I felt a million dollars in this bikini. The harness feature to the top was so gorgeous and although I don't have perky, full, stand-up boobs like the model on the website, I felt really supported and... dare I say it? Sexy? I know, I don't do sexy very often do I?

The briefs come up nice and high and can be adjusted by the strings on the side, so you can ruche them up how you like. The black contrast makes the pinky red really stand out and is great for mixing and matching with sarongs and kaftans. Price-wise these come in at £52 for the full set, which for a well constructed, underwired and supportive bikini set is really good I think. Especially a fashion forward, sexy bikini like this. The fabric is gorgeous and obviously of good quality. 

I found them true to size, if not a tiny bit generous, and size-wise they go from a  34D - 46H so there's lots of breadth to suit a range of sizes. The briefs go up to a 20-22 but are quite generous again, so you might be fine if you're a 24. 

I really loved this set. Comfortable, stylish and sexy. Win win!  

** I was sent to this set to review. All words and opinions are my own! Excellent **

Friday, 30 June 2017

Opinon: My Big Fat Mummy Life.

Being a plus size mum is exactly the same as being a straight size mum, or at least it has been for me. Being a plus size mum-to-be wasn't the greatest, but it had nothing to do with my physical experience, it was only because I experienced judgement at the hands of medical professionals. I was scrutinised, I was told to lose weight (baring in mind, I'd already lost a stone through nausea and sickness), and I was made to take the dreaded glucose test (I was absolutely fine). 

9 months Preggers

My pregnancy was AWFUL, but it had nothing to do with my size. My size 6 friend had a ridiculously awful pregnancy too with bleeding, bloating and swelling to the point they thought she might have pre-eclampsia and was just so poorly with it all. Size makes no difference. 

So fucking ready to have the baby.

So why am I banging on about this? Well. A lady called Chanelle (I literally don't know who she is) was on This Morning today, she was referring to herself as a 'whale' and said her weight was causing her to have the most awful pregnancy. While I appreciate a lot of women feel usually huge when they're pregnant, this lady's problems realistically, can't be attributed to her size, and her publicly talking about it doesn't help the prejudice pregnant plus size women are subjected to every day. 

Now how do I know that her problems aren't size related... well I don't, I'm not a doctor or midwife, maybe I'm kidding myself? But what I can surmise from this lady's interview is that she had huge confidence issues and hates being fat. 

She mentioned that prior to falling pregnant she couldn't go trampolining and run around after her son. And here lies the problem. I can honestly tell you that for the last seven years I have weighed around the 19 stone mark, and I have actively parented my little girl with vigour and enthusiasm. I have taken her trampolining and out-bounced her, while she's stood on the sidelines with a stitch, I have run round soft play areas, swam for hours, taken her to family yoga and boogied away at countless discos. 

Just mumming around

Chanelle's problem isn't her size, its her confidence. She feels uncomfortable in her skin, and you know what I understand, I really do. It's a horrible feeling. We all also have a natural balance point, a weight we feel comfortable at. I can honestly say this at this time, this is mine. Maybe hers is lighter? So my advice to this lady? If you're not comfortable, lose weight, do it sensibly, do it steadily and do it quietly. The world doesn't need another DVD or 'celebrity' fitness plan. Go away and be happy with your life. Stop trying to cling onto whatever bit of publicity you can get by portraying fat people as sad, dysfunctional messes. There are millions of us, having perfectly great pregnancies, being excellent, active, fun loving parents. 

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Food: The Bradley Inn, Grimsby.

Hello all! Given the state of the weather I thought it best not to depress you with another sunny holiday post, but maybe try and brighten things up instead by bringing you some yummy food instead! Me and the famalam headed to the Bradley Inn Grimsby, courtesy of the Sizzling Pub and Grill group to try out their new menu. 

If you're not familiar with sizzling pubs, they are dotted all over the country, in fact there are over 200 in the UK and they serve up what I would class as proper pub grub, burgers, steaks, chunky chips and most importantly scampi... I love scampi. There's a handy locator tool on the website to find your local branch as are all the menus for you to have a good look (drool) over. 

My folks, Alex, Pops and I went for dinner on a week night, the pub itself is decorated really nicely, it's bright and airy, but still comfy, like a proper pub should be. 

Dad had the buttermilk chicken (pictured above) mum went for her usual mixed grill (pictured below, she's a creature of habit). I went for the surf and turf (scampi thanks very much) and Alex went for the New Yorker, which is a steak loaded with mac n cheese (hubba hubba). I didn't take a pic of Pop's  meal because it looked really unappealing, as those of you with kids may know, she went for a proper weird combo that looks a bit gross to the average person!!   

Now I know my photographic skills aren't always the best, but as you can see, there was no scrimping on the portions here and everything tasted really nice. I think our only comment would be if you like your steak rare, take into account these come on sizzler plates, so will continue to cook, so maybe ask for your steak blue or very rare, then by the time it gets to you, it'll be rare or thereabouts. 

Apart from that, honestly, everything was really tasty, mega filling and exceptional value for money. We ordered drinks (including a beer), main meals for everyone and three desserts and it came to just over £50, amazing right? 

The staff were so friendly and accommodating, the atmosphere was lovely. It was nice enough that it felt grown up, but still really child friendly too with colouring activities and a toy box for the kids. 

We are definitely going to go back, we had a great time and the food was fantastic. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a bit of hearty grub in a friendly warm environment! 

**We received a voucher towards our meal from Sizzling Pubs. All words and opinions are my own**