Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Style: Elvi Velvet Dream

It's been a funny old week hasn't it? Red skies, hurricanes, then out comes the sun again. Well kids, I am more than glad to say I'm hopping on a plane and whizzing off to Zante tomorrow and I can't bloomin' wait! BUT in the meantime, I am excited to get more invested in Autumn/Winter fashion once I get back and this Elvi velvet dress is a very excellent starting point! 

It's a gorgeous steel blue/grey colour depending on how the light catches it, and of course every time I write blue velvet, I want to break out into "She wore bluuuuue velvet" hahaha! 

Elvi Velvet Dress

This beauty is currently on sale at £45.50 instead of £65 and it's worth every penny. The fabric is sumptuous AF and the colour is so gorgeous. This is going to be one of those pieces you can roll out for Christmas parties, even the big day itself because it's so comfortable, soft and what's the magic word? Stretchy!!!!  

The fluted sleeves are so cute and it's a great length too so you can wear it bare legged. This is also going to look great with black tights or leggings... and of course because I will literally wear them with anything... jeans. 

Size-wise I always size up in Elvi, I think though, I probably could have got away with my usual 22 in this as it's quite roomy and flexible. 

Elvi are knocking it out of the park this season with some gorgeous velvet pieces, knitwear, satin and tweed. And I'm seriously loving it all! 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Style: State of Mind Activewear

I'm a long time fan of State of Mind. They were the first plus size activewear range I can remember launching. Prior to this I'd managed to squeeze myself into an 18 from some of the sports giants, or I would usually find myself wearing leggings and baggy tees for the gym, workouts, yoga and any kind of active type stuff. 

State of Mind have always done basics and essentials very well. But recently they have launched a range of more bold pieces with funky prints, logos and more daring styles like crop tops and mesh pieces. Everything I love about State of Mind is still there though, quality of fabric, great fit and durability. 

Having been a fit model in the past for State of Mind I always find them true to size. I'm wearing the floral capri leggings and the ballerina wrap top both in a size 22 which are perfect. I was concerned though when I put the leggings on they would be a little shallow in the waist as they didn't feel like they would come up very high, but they stayed put and didn't roll down which is awesome! 

I am mega impressed by the range and love the new bold pieces. You'll also find some funky accessories on the site too like water bottles and yoga mats. So if you're looking for workout gear, activewear or even just bright pieces for your fashion wardrobe, State of Mind are your gals! 

PS. A huge thank you to Kerensa, the woman behind State of Mind who very kindly sent me some replacement leggings when I very stupidly lost the first lot somewhere in Liverpool. Good one Becks.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Style: Strong is the New Pretty

I never thought I'd get into logo tees. I'll be frank, I used to hate them; slowly but surely though I've started adding more to my wardrobe and this one from Pink Clove is the latest. 

I love the tattoo/vintage feel aesthetic, so cute right? The scroll underneath is the title of today's post "Strong is the New Pretty" which I love. Finding strength and resolve is something that has come to me as I've got older. I still very much take pride in my appearance, but it's nice to know that not everything about me has to be underpinned by some kind of false need to be 'pretty' or at least what people deem pretty. I am a multifaceted, complex woman (hear me roar haha!).

I teamed the tee with what has become a bit of a uniform for me at the mo. You know what I'm like, I'll find one style that I love and wear it to death haha!! But that is the beauty of little pieces like this tee, you can have a few in your wardrobe and swap them as and when to change up an outfit. 

I think everyone and their Aunt has this New Look jacket now, but it is pretty damn good so I don't blame them! It does come as part of a suit too, so if you're looking for a corporate or tailored look, I highly recommend it. 

Back to the tee, I'm wearing the 22 which I found it true to size. It's a regular fit so there is a little room for manoeuvre without being skin tight but it's not oversized either. The fabric is good and the neckline is a nice round shape without being restrictive.

As with all of Pink Clove, the price point is great and I've got some more pieces to share with you over the next few weeks too!  

Shop the Post! 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Style: Sugar Candy Bra

Oh bras, a constant source of frustration for me. I have drawers full of beautiful bras, most of which I can only wear for 4/5 hours maximum. I am really hypersensitive so any little fold, crease, or slightly itchy fabric can cause me a lot of pain. So when Sugar Candy Bra got in touch I was really intrigued to see if and why they were different.

I've been a long time fan of those stretchy crop top affairs that you often see on shopping channels, but I'll be honest, they offer very little support and no shape at all. So how is this any different? 

Well where Sugar Candy really differs is in the structure. Within the bra are a set of panels which support from under the breast and the side of the breast. The bra fastens in the back like a regular bra and the straps are adjustable. 

As you can see the bra does offer some central definition so you don't suffer from the dreaded mono-boob. 
The band is quite firm, so by the end of the day I was starting to feel the pinch, but it is very wearable and comfortable and perfect for an every day, run around after the kids, relaxed kinda bra. The support is surprisingly great and the shape is good too. Is it an impressive lift? No. But does it do the job while providing comfort? Yes. 

There's a handy size chart on the site, for reference, I'm a 38FF and I'm wearing an XL. But you should be able to work yours out from the chart. I'm really impressed with the Sugar Candy Bra, it offers comfort and support, who could ask for more?

Friday, 15 September 2017

Style: A School Run Less Ordinary

I'd like to think I'm the queen of casual. I don't tend to dress up for much if I'm honest. If can get away with jeans and a jacket or a jumpsuit, I'll do it. BUT even though I like to do casual, I don't like to fade into the background. So I'll always try and make my outfit a little different. Whether that's a dash of colour, a big earring, or even one of my myriad of hair colours. 

Today was all about that little splash of colour courtesy of a sale bargain I picked up from Simply Be. This Orange Leopard Print Top is a complete beaut. I sized up to a 24 though and I'm glad I did, it's just right.

I teamed it with my fave and over-worn jersey peg legs from ASOS, white trainers from H&M and this gorgeous oversized camo jacket I picked up at the weekend from In the Style Curve at Curve Fashion Festival. 

The cute earrings are from Monki, I've been living in them since I got them. My love for massive earrings doesn't seem to be waning yet so long live my Pat Butcher aesthetic. 

Now I don't suppose I'm your average mum on the school run, and I do suppose there'll be a point when Pops gets fed up of her brightly coloured, silly haired mum. But tough, she's going to have to put up with it, because I don't plan on changing! 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Style: Flirty Figleaves

Oh hello there! Well it's a bit of a raunchy one today and I'm not even sorry because this lingerie set from Figleaves Curve range is just so damn delicious. As we go crashing into Autumn, the rich colours and sumptuous golden embroidery are everything. 

The attention to detail on this set is massively impressive, I love the gold clasps on the straps, the little tag on the pants and cute bows on both. 

HELLO gorgeous back detail. The split straps, the cheeky bottom detail. It's just all so fabulous! And sexy as hell! And want to know the best part of all? It's actually mega comfortable. I've worn this set all day, out and about and found it really wearable!  

Figleaves have a spectacular range of lingerie including specific plus size lingerie ranges with a great size range, so they're definitely worth checking out!