Thursday, 25 May 2017

Style: Elomi - Matilda

The sun is shining, I'm still the colour of a milk bottle but hey, who cares right?! Today I've got a lingerie set from Elomi to share with you, where you can see said milk bottle body in all its wobbly glory! The Matilda is an Elomi favourite and this coming season you'll be seeing it in more gorgeous colour ways. 

This nude set though is a lingerie drawer staple, it will go underneath most garments beautifully without detection. I wore this set all day and found it really comfortable, the fit is lovely and the fabric is soft and the bra gives the babs a lovely perky shape! 

I also visited the Wacoal group press day last week, of which Elomi are part of and got some lovely snaps of all the upcoming style for AW17, so I thought I'd give you a sneak peek! 


So many gorgeous styles to come I think you'll agree!! And watch this space, because in June I have so gorgeous Elomi Plus Size swimwear to showcase too! 
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** This set was sent to me, hooray for my boobs! But all words and opinions are my own! **

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Style: Joanie Clothing 'Bluebell'

Hola! How's your weekend gone? It thankfully brightened up here today (well it didn't rain, put it that way) so we headed down to the seafront for some lunch and a walk. Pretty perfect to be honest. And for such a lovely venture, I had the pleasure of wearing the bluebell chambray dress from Joanie Clothing.

There's not a tonne to say other than, it's ridiculously cute, I mean look at it. But seriously, it's a medium weight chambray (no stretch) so it's pretty much an all year rounder, it's quite short so personally I couldn't wear it without tights or leggings. Size-wise I'm wearing the 22 and it's spot on, it fastens in back with a feature zip, but I was just able to pop it over my head! 

As you can see it does crease a little due to the nature of the fabric, but I can forgive it that, because otherwise, it's just lovely, PLUS it has pockets so you know, it's pretty much perfect.

Joanie have some gorgeous pieces up to a 22, they did go bigger for a while but seem to have reduced that now. The XL in the t-shirt range I would say would fit a 24 comfortably, so don't rule them out all together and they do still have some of the larger stock left from last year, so they are worth checking them out if you're 24+. 22 and under though, you're good to go and ready to start shopping all their wonderful wares! I'd definitely say they are more vintage inspired more than full on repro, which is lovely, it's a bit cooler than your average boring retro get-up. 

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**This item was sent to me, which is bloody lovely for me. As always though my thoughts and words are my own, which is nice because I quite like them**

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Style: Beating Summer Chub Rub

It is going to get warmer, I tell you! And when it does, there is nothing worse than the dreaded chub rub, as those of us with ample thighs will know. I wanted share with you today my go-to anti-chafing short, which for the past couple of years has been from The Big Tights Company

I mean, let's be honest, it's not my best look. But, these bad boys have been looking after my thighs for years now. As you can see I prefer the longer short, I find the short ones cut my thigh in half and the chub just squidges out the bottom, which does not look good when you're wearing a tight skirt.

The shorts come in white, black and beige, and as mentioned, do come in a shorter and longer length. Size-wise The Big Tights Company cater for sizes 12-36, I usually opt for the 24-28 option because my hips and thighs are the largest part of me. 

The shorts are lightweight and hugely stretchy and above and beyond their anti-chafing properties, I also find them great for keeping my modesty. As a perpetual trouser wearer, I'm always a little nervous when wearing skirts, so when I have these on, I feel assured that I'm not going to be flashing my pants to the world! 

If you're looking for a comfortable solution to modesty and chafing, I cannot recommend these enough! 

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**These shorts were kindly sent to me  by the Big Tights Company, but I proper loved them anyway, so winner winner chicken dinner**

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Event: Yours Store Opening - Grimsby

I can't believe it's been over a week since I had honour of attending the Yours store opening in my home town Grimsby. The store is located in Freshney Place Shopping Centre, which conveniently is across the road from my house! So often I have to travel for blog related work, so to be able to nip across the road after dropping Pops off at school was an absolute joy!

I arrived at the store round 9am to find a small queue already formed, including the lovely Emma who had been there since 8am! As we headed towards opening time at 10am there was a huge queue, as I chatted with the women queuing it was apparent how excited the women of Grimsby were about Yours Clothing's arrival, and how good quality, great value clothing for plus size women was very much missing from the town centre.

As the doors opened the store filled up so much that people were queuing to get in because the shop was just so full!

The Grimsby store is packed full of everything you'd expect from Yours, bright colours, bold prints, value for money basics and in the top right corner there's even a little Bad Rhino selection for the chaps.

I was honestly so bowled over by how popular the opening was and how excited all the customers were, every customer I spoke to said how pleased they were that we finally had a Yours, and one woman even went as far to say it was like 'being in heaven'. 

To be honest I spent the day making a nuisance of myself, just chatting with all the lovely customers, dishing out unsolicited style advice and generally having fun! The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing, staff and customers alike having a lovely time. I also had the honour of styling the competition winner Kate who attended with her mum, we spent lots of time trying on different outfits and styles and found some beautiful summer pieces for Kate's wardrobe as a busy mum of two. 

Thanks for having me Yours, it was an awesome day! 

P.S. Outfit details will be on the blog soon! 

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**Post in collaboration with Yours Clothing**

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Style: SS17 with Freshney Place Shopping Centre

Hello! So those of you who follow me on social media may have seen that I've been working with my local shopping centre, Freshney Place, Grimsby. The day job often means wearing many different hats, from social media manager, copywriter, blogger and even stylist. As Freshney Stylist I work with East Coast Picturesit is my job to style the seasonal shoots for the centre which means sourcing all the clothes, putting outfits together, styling the shoot and then writing style pieces for them. The result of which, I thought I'd share on the blog today! 

Spring Summer trends with Freshney Place Shopping Centre

As we head into the new season, Freshney Place Stylist, Becky Barnes, shows you how to achieve the latest trends for all the family.

Floral Folklore:

The floral embroidery trend was huge last season and continues to be throughout Spring Summer, with beautiful blooms adorning everything from jeans and dresses to shoes and bags. You can go as full on as you like with this trend by mixing prints or keep it simple and use one statement piece to show off this gorgeous look.

For this trend I headed to New Look and chose a classic stripe blouse which features the all important floral embroidery, I teamed it with a great pair of distressed denim jeans and pretty soft peach gucci-inspired loafers. If jeans aren't your style, you can always swap them out for a pair of peg-leg trousers.

Pink, pink to make them wink:

Soft pinks and khaki tones are everywhere this season, but it's not just for the girls. Pink for guys is a really strong trend and the key to working it is in the shade. Go for soft, muted tones like salmon, dusky roses and pale baby pinks. Wear with denims and khaki for a fresh on-trend look.

I went for a dusky rose t-shirt and built the look around that, teaming it with the ever popular bomber style jacket in that all important khaki shade, I went for a classic slim fit jeans and grey dessert boots to finish off the look, all items can be found at New Look. Try swapping out the bomber jacket for a khaki blazer if the look feels a bit young for you.


Laid back and cool, Scandinavian inspired fashion has been around for a couple of years now. To achieve the look, keep colours to a monotone pallet of black, white and grey. Think comfortable, casual and unstructured. Clean lines and loose fitting garments are key. Now that the trend has extended into children's fashion there are lots of cool cute combo's appearing on the high street.

This two piece from Primark is great, the grey marl fabric is the ultimate in laid back comfort and the cute 'awesome' logo across the front will make your little chap the most stylish guy at play group!

We all scream for ice cream:

You will have surely seen that unicorns and mermaids have been a huge trend in children's and adult fashion alike and those gorgeous ice-cream colours are set to continue into the Spring Summer season. Pinks, turquoises and gorgeous pastel shades are so much fun and really easy to work into any little girls wardrobe.

These minty green jeggings are just one example of how you can incorporate ice-cream shades into your little one's summer wardrobe. They have plenty of stretch so they're great for running around in, teamed with a classic nautical style t-shirt and cute pumps, this outfit is great for the kids holidays and days out.

All that glitters:

Fashion isn't just about clothes. Jewellery, although sometimes classic, can be influenced by trends too. Rose gold has been absolutely everywhere for the last year, from interiors, to stationery and even hair, so it's no surprise that the rose gold trend has come full circle back to jewellery.

This Neil Lane 14ct rose gold 0.80ct princess cut diamond ring is exclusive to Ernest Jones. Make a statement by popping the question with this stunning ring or celebrate a special occasion by treating yourself to this beautifully crafted piece of jewellery.

Tasty Treats:

After all that shopping you're surely in need of a tasty treat. BB's seasonal muffins are enough to make anyone's mouth water. Baked fresh on-site these gorgeous, fluffy muffins are full of flavour and go perfect with a cuppa.

The apple and raspberry crumble muffin combines everyone's favourite pudding with fresh seasonal raspberries. The tangy duo combined with the sweet sugary crumble are so delicious and a great way to build up those energy stores and hit the shops again!

So there you go guys, that's what I've been up to work wise. And let me tell you, styling muffins is such a chore because you get to eat them afterwards as well. I know, how distressing. 

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**Post in collaboration with Freshney Place, Grimsby.**

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Food: Simply Cook

Hey! Hope you're all having an awesome bank holiday weekend (Well those in the UK anyways!) So today's post is all about food (my favourite thing), I've noticed a real surge in recipe boxes and kits hitting the internet and have always been a little weary of them; as someone who cooks everything from scratch, I kind of though it was a bit lazy to order in boxes of food, but then I was introduced to Simply Cook, which is a little bit of a different concept from your average recipe box

Simply Cook boxes contain four sets of spices and flavour combos with accompanying recipe cards that enable you to add your own ingredients in to make a delicious meal. I think what I love about it is that all too often I'll want to try a new recipe that requires a spice or flavour that I don't have, so I have to buy a massive jar of it, and then it stays in my cupboard and I don't get round to using it again. With Simply Cook, there's enough to make the meal and you're done! 

I've tried out a few of my recipes now, but I've documented my two faves so far which are so delicious I actually can't stop thinking about them. 

The Vietnamese pork was my first effort, as you can see I substituted the pork for chicken as I didn't have any and I'm not a huge fan of pork. That's what's great about these packs, you can add in or takeaway bits you're not too keen on. 

Now I know it doesn't look like the tastiest of dishes (down to my presentation skills) but my goodness it was so delicious. 

The second dish I tried was the Malay Laksa, which was so good it has haunted my dreams ever since. Seriously. 

I was really scared I'd hate it because I don't like coconut milk but OH. MY. GOD. It was so ridiculous. 

In general, the recipe cards are easy to follow and come with hints and tips about changing out ingredients or how you can use smaller quantities of the spices if you want to reduce the heat of the dish for example. 

I am absolutely loving the Simply Cook range, it pushes me to try flavours and dishes I wouldn't usually try. It's all too easy to get into a cooking rut, making the same dishes week in, week out. I am definitely hooked, my only suggestion is that they make bigger packs of the spices for dishes you've fallen in love with *cough, Malay Laksa, Cough*.

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** I was sent the Simply Cook packs to review on my blog, the gushing review was all my own because I love food *that* much*